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The Essential Guide to Purchasing The Correct Mixer Grinder.

The Essential Guide to Purchasing The Correct Mixer Grinder.

Mixer grinders have become an essential part of kitchens in modern times, from grinding masalas to churning out smooth batter for Idli and Dosa, it can do it all. When it comes to making the best dishes for yourself and your family, it is only right to grow with the times and switch to a good Indian mixer grinder. But we have been spoiled for choices lately, thanks to the huge number of products available in the market. To help you select one of the best mixer grinders for your kitchen, we have mentioned the essential features that have to be present in a mixer grinder.


Wattage and why does it matter?

One of the most important factors while choosing a mixer grinder is wattage, higher wattage means that machine can handle more contents at one time and also is useful for grinding tougher ingredients. One drawback of having higher wattage mixer grinders is the power consumption, it will clearly consume more power as compared to lower wattage mixer grinders. However, the effectiveness of the mixer grinder will make up for the higher power consumption as it will be able to complete the grind in a shorter span of time.


Speed – The faster you run, the quicker you are done.

The above principle also holds true in case of mixer grinders, the speed of the motor is another important feature while considering a mixer grinder, The RPM or speed of the mixer grinder tells how fast the blade can rotate in a minute. Mixer grinders are usually fitted with a knob or a dial that lets you control the speed, a good quality mixer grinder will have at least three levels of speed choices.


Blades – The real working-class hero.

Checking the quality of the blades is really important, they need to be sharp, easy to clean and lastly, they need to be made of stainless steel due to its durable and anti-corrosive nature. There are usually different types of blades used for wet and dry grinding. There usually will be separate jars for grinding masalas, making chutneys, juices, mincing and lastly whipping used for making butter and cheese. It is better to check if the various kinds of blades used in the jars are suited for your needs.


Safety – Safety is a choice you make.

In the event that the mixer jar has been overloaded or if it has been running continuously for longer periods, there is a risk that the motor could catch fire. To avoid this a circuit breaker is usually installed to prevent it from overloading or overworking the machine. Other safety features like rubber feet, power indicators and a proper locking mechanism for the jars of the mixer are some of the features that need to be present in a mixer grinder.

Basically, choosing the right mixer grinder for your home can save you both time and energy by enabling a faster cooking experience. The vital features mentioned above are present in mixer grinders made by Revour and at an affordable price too. These advanced features combined with eye-catching design makes usage of Revour mixer grinders a hassle-free experience.

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