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Gifting an appliance for Mom this Mother’s Day? Think Elegant, Smart and Efficient.

Gifting an appliance for Mom this Mother’s Day? Think Elegant, Smart and Efficient.

Aren’t new appliances just wonderful? Nevertheless, the last thing you probably want to get your mom for Mother’s Day is an appliance. Unless she’s like Monica from the TV show Friends, something to help her cook or clean is not really that thoughtful or romantic.
But if you have set out on the road to purchase a new appliance, finding the right gift for mom can be tricky. You want to ensure that your give your mom something that is both unique and amazing, but at the same time it needs to be something that she will use.
While you and your loved one’s brainstorm about the perfect Mother’s Day gift, take a moment to consider the current health of your appliance at home. Could there be anything she particularly complains about? Is her toaster not working well? Or does she need a new dry iron?
The solution to all these questions lies with Revour, we have helped 50 lakh households smile across 10+ states over the last 2 years and we have the perfect gift ideas for a Mother’s Day present.
Consider these top-quality home appliances from Revour to help you make an informed choice for your Mother’s Day gift.


The Electric Kettle -

If she is more of a tea person, then this is the perfect gift for her. An electric kettle is a multipurpose equipment, its major operation would seem simple which is boiling water, however the comfort, efficiency and pace it brings to the job is what makes the product so helpful. The Revour electric kettle has a sleek finish and the opaque design that also incorporates a water level indicator, additionally it is also fitted with a overheat protector which promotes in person security in addition to reliability.

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Sandwich maker -

Let’s be honest – just about every person loves a Sandwich. But would you rather spend lots of time around the tawa/ burner waiting for the heat to finally do its thing? Or would you allow an innovative sandwich maker to do that for you? Thanks to our fast-paced lives a sandwich maker has become a necessary appliance for modern kitchens as easy and quick meals have become the go to mantra these days. And fortunately for you, the Revour Sandwich maker does exactly that, its stainless-steel material, black finish with a non-stick coating and power indicator are the perfect combination required for a speedy operation and worry-free deliciousness.

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