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How to Choose the Right Lighting for Your Home?

How to Choose the Right Lighting for Your Home?

Are you redecorating or moving into a new home? Now’s the time to consider the lighting for it. To help you select the right lighting solutions for your space, we’ve prepared this quick guide that’ll help you redecorate within no time. Read on!

Decide what purpose your room serves

Before you go ahead and choose what lighting you need, it’s important to divide your rooms based on what role it plays on a day-to-day basis. Eg. While your home office may need even, overhead lighting, diffused lighting is generally preferred for bedrooms. (Don’t worry if some of these terms confuse you, we’ll be explaining them later on in this post). Some even fit a reading nook into their living rooms which may require a reading lamp.

Measure your room’s size & aesthetic

The size of the room will determine the lighting solutions that will fit in your room. You can complement the aesthetics of the room with the lighting or create a contrasting effect. The lighting can also affect the vibe of the room. Eg. Yellow and Orangish lighting can add a cosy feel while white lighting can create a modern look. Accent lights can be used to highlight luxury furniture.

Layer your lighting

Just like a beautiful painting uses a single subject, background and tiny elements in between, so does the art of good lighting. There are 5 major sources of lighting:

General: While this includes all sources of light, it mainly refers to overhead lighting.

Ambient or Diffuse: Soft lighting that creates the effect of an overall ambient glow.

Task/ Directional: This lights up a particular area and is based on the activity conducted there.

Accent: This lighting adds drama to a space or can be used to highlight a certain aspect. It’s mainly used for decorative purposes.

Daylight: Though often forgotten, the light entering your room from windows and skylights has an effect on the room’s ambience too.

 Prepare a map of where you’d like to place the lights. Add the task light first based on the lighting you’ll need to perform the room’s designated tasks. Then, move on to the accent lights. Finally, add your main source of lighting to the room. Most rooms need around 2-3 sources of light to achieve the right balance.

 Understand your lighting solutions

 As mentioned previously, different lighting fixtures light a room differently. Here are some of our most popular lighting solutions among homeowners:

 9W Colour Lamps: If you’re looking to create a particular mood for a room, 9W Coloured Lamps are the right choice.

Decoration Bulbs (Multiple Colours): Our Decoration Bulbs can be used as accent lights as well as for ambient lighting.

LED Strips: This lighting can fit in hard to reach places (like the inside of dark cabinets or near the vanity) and adds a touch of luxury.

 9W/ 12W Normal Lamp: The best solution for general lighting. While the 9W Normal Lamp is perfect for most homes, those who need a brighter space can pick the 12W option.

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